• Image of Empire Anatomy CD
  • Image of Empire Anatomy CD
  • Image of Empire Anatomy CD

Debut full-length album EMPIRE ANATOMY by Dissentience, coming out 2/11/22

1. War of Belief
2. Ubasute
3. Clinical Psychosis
4. The End (And All Between)
5. Lost in Rage
6. Cabal
7. Pursuit of Delusion
8. Darkness Perennial
9. The Beast Beneath
10. Reckoning Day

Though the forges of the Bethlehem Steel have long been thought extinguished, Dissentience’s debut album Empire Anatomy is proof that the steel town still has plenty of metal to offer. Set to release in February 2022, Dissentience’s first full-length album refines the death-thrash groundwork laid out on the band’s previous effort without sacrificing intensity or musicality. From the opening moments of “War of Belief,” the band makes it known that the listener is in for a wild ride, twisting and turning through riffs at breakneck speed. Each track is constructed with the intent of maximum sonic impact without losing dynamism or integrity and while it clocks in at just over 40 minutes, the interplay between bombastic riffs and infectious melodies will have listeners scrambling to replay the album as soon as it's over. With a level of ferocity and songwriting which rivals that of bands decades their senior, Dissentience cements itself at the forefront of a new breed of American metal.

Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Matt Menafro at Peach Pie Sound
Produced by Corey Pierce, Matt Menafro, and Dissentience
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music